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Wanted! Escaped Slayers Guide! £100 Reward!


£100 Reward To Charity!

The above book was last seen roaming the streets of the People's Republic of Cork after absconding from the 2004 Warpcon charity auction. It then failed to appear at both the Gaelcon 2004 charity auction and the Warpcon 2005 charity auction. This book, Slayus Guidus GMus Anottatus, can be distinguished from the standard Slayus Guidus GMus by the extensive collection of signatures and annotations (including entries by the author (me), Gar Hanrahan, Brian Nisbet, Fiki, Paul Tucker, Matt Sprange, Alex Fennel, as well as the various members of the Critical Miss Gang: Bubba, Bog Boy, Mark, John, General Tangent and TAFKAC).

It is the intention of me, Jonny Nexus, that this book be auctioned off at the Conpulsion 2005 charity auction on March 26th. I hereby make these pledges:

1) If the book is handed in to the Conpulsion authorities before this date no question will be asked as to where the book might have been hiding during the last twelve months. We just want it found.

2) If the book is handed in I will donate £100 to the Conpulsion charity auction - over and above the five or ten pounds the book itself might raise.

If you have any information about the whereabouts of this item, then please contact me at All information given will be treated in complete confidence.

Yes! It's my sodding annotated Slayers Guide that disappeared at the Warpcon 2004 somewhere between me handing it in at the front desk on Saturday morning and the auction itself on Saturday evening. Now I know that many people have advised me to just give it up for lost (including natural20, whose exact words were, I believe: "Give it up! Just let it go! It's gone! It's lost! Someone ate it!").

But I don't want to! [Shakes fist at screen].

So if you know anything, please say.
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