jonnynexus (jonnynexus) wrote,

Conpulsion Here We Come!

Just a quick entry to say that me and luciddestiny will be going to Conpulsion; our flights are now arranged (travelling up on the Friday afternoon and heading home Monday evening), and boxninja has generously offered us accomodation (staying alongside NIF mytholder).

As usual - for the benefit of anyone who is thinking of heading up from London and fancies company on the flight, or who hates me enough to want to shoot down my plane with some kind of portable, shoulder-launched surface-to-air missile - here are our flight details:

From: Heathrow (LHR), London United Kingdom
Departs: 14:35 from Terminal 1
To: Edinburgh (EDI), Edinburgh United Kingdom
Arrives: 16:00
Flight no: BD58
Operating Carrier: bmi

From: Edinburgh (EDI), Edinburgh United Kingdom
Departs: 20:40
To: Heathrow (LHR), London United Kingdom
Arrives: 21:55 at Terminal 1
Flight no: BD65
Operating Carrier: bmi

We were planning on going up on the Thursday evening to give us Friday to explore the town, until we (well luciddestiny, who was doing the ordering) found out that flights that day are stupidly expensive. But Friday afternoon still means we can make whatever is happening on Friday evening - and flying out Monday evening means we have Monday to explore the town. This will actually be my first convention in the British Isles in three years (barring afternoon shopping "runs" to GenCon UK), but we've been told that Conpulsion is intentionally "Irish" in the way that it is run - and hopefully the Continuity RPGA have called off their death squads in the meantime.

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