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At approximately 1:30 am this morning, the summit of Arthur's Seat was reached by an ango-irish-scottish team consisting of jonnynexus, ubiquitous_cat, mytholder, natural20, coffee_lifeform, rpgactionfigure and boxninja. Building upon the accomplishments of the earlier '05 expedition, the team ascended the easier western slope of the mountain before breaking into two teams to make a final assault on the rocky, upper peak.

The climb was accomplished without injury, save for mild grazing to the palms of jonnynexus (slipped over on way up), mild chilling of the posterior of ubiquitous_cat (slipped over on way down) and to the presumably chilled nuts of rpgactionfigure (wore kilt for the whole expedition, although he refused to confirm whether or not he was going "full metal scotsman").

On the descent, the team reconnoitered the Nexus Steps (the route attempted without success by the '05 expedition) in order to gather information for a possible '07 attempt on this more difficult route.

Photos to follow.

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