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More Pictures From The Great Expedition

After my own rather disappointing efforts, I'm pleased to announce the publication of more pictures, courtesy of natural20.

In a display of photographic excellence not approached since Neil Armstrong forgot to take any pictures of himself, natural20 managed - in a period of a little over ten minutes, and in an area measuring the size of a medium sized front room - to take a total of twelve pictures featuring ubiquitous_cat, mytholder, coffee_lifeform, rpgactionfigure, himself and a small amphibian we found hiding on a rock, whilst simultaneously failing to take any pictures that included any bits of either me or boxninja, whatsover.

If I wasn't reasonably certain he liked me, I might be a bit offended. :)

But anyway, I can now provide full photographic proof (thanks here to natural20 for letting me use his pictures) that at least five people and a frog climbed Arthur's Seat on the night of 26th/27th March.

rpgactionfigure, ubiquitous_cat and coffee_lifeform.

mytholder on top of the world!

A self portrait of natural20

A frog (believed to have no LJ)

However, after taking a picture of rpgactionfigure heading for the mothership on the return journey...

Heading for the mothership

...natural20 did redeem himself by taking pictures of myself and boxninja reconnoitering the route we attempted to climb last year, in the fog.

Going up...



I did go up there. Honest.

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