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My Latest Game

I'm now just about to start playtesting my latest free game. Like it's predecessors, no materials are required save those which you can find in most houses, or which you can download from the Net, print out and amend.

All you need is:

* A large printout of the London Underground Map.

* A set of Monopoly playing tokens (or print out the alternatives I'll provide).

* A set of Cleudo weapon tokens (or print out the alternatives I'll provide).

* A printout of a few cards and tokens that I'll provide.

So what's the game?

Slot Bob Crow!

Here's a picture of the gameboard I've knocked up:

The Premise

You play a commuter on the London Underground whose journey to work has been disrupted yet again by the latest in a series of strikes called by the Rail, Maritime and Transport Union under their leader Bob Crow.

But this time you've decided enough is enough. Someone's got to stop it once and for all, and that someone is you.

You're going to slot (kill) Bob Crow.

On the day of the strike, a skeleton service (with frequent line suspensions) is being operated by London Underground managers who are qualified to drive trains. Bob is travelling around the network drumming up support for the strike. Also travelling around the network is Plod (a.k.a. The British Transport Police).

Powered by your trusty Oyster card, you must travel around the tube network collecting suitable weapons, whilst making sure to avoid being arrested by Plod, before intercepting Bob Crow and slotting him. Fail and you'll end up in Wormword Scrubs. Be the victim of a slotting attempt by someone else and you might end up in intensive care of the Royal London Hospital.

And you only have until one in the morning to get him.

Future Plans

My plan is to get it into enough of a working state by the end of next month that I can take it to Gaelcon, and try it out on the unsuspecting punters there. I'll then release it as either a stand-alone article, or as part of Critical Miss Issue 11 (depending on timing).

I might later to an expansion game, Slot Bob Crow 2016, based upon this map.


I have to give credit for the germ of the game to Demonic, from a conversation I had with him a while ago during a then series of strikes.

Demonic: Someone needs to slot that Bob Crow.

Me: You should tell that to Ken Livingston!

Demonic: Yeah, but - he's got to have already figured that out himself, right?


I have taken some big liberties with the premise for the purposes of gameplay. The two chief ones are as follows:

1) Bob Crow would not use the Underground to travel around the network, because he would see that as strikebreaking.

2) There would be no point him travelling around drumming up support, because unlike in practically every other type of strike, you'll never see a striking railworker outside a railway station - for the very good reason that they'd lynched by all the poor bastards trying to get to work.

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