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A Statement From The Provisional IRA

The Army Council of the Provisional IRA is concerned that the comments made in the previous week by such a high-profile figure as Tony Blair may play into the hands of those who are intolerant of Republicans and Republicanism. There may be a difference of opinion on the wearing of the balaclava, but we have to respect a person's right to choose to adopt it. Mr Blair's comments have the potential of further undermining civil liberties in our country, which appear to be gradually eroding in the aftermath of the Troubles.

"There can be no doubt that we are already witnessing an increasingly bigoted anti-Republican climate being fostered in Northern Ireland. Tony Blair's comments will hardly help," said Gerry Adams an Army Council member.

A personal note from a balaclava wearer:

Mr Blair has claimed that the balaclava is a "visible statement of separateness" and "a barrier to social integration". He has claimed that the wearing of a balaclava interferes with a person's ability to teach small children. Other persons have even claimed that they themselves are scared by the sight of men in balaclavas, claiming to be unable to judge the wearer's emotional state. This is complete rubbish. If I'm angry with you, you'll be able to tell, from my body language, and from the automatic weaponry that I'll be carrying. Trust me, if you need to know what I'm thinking, you'll know.

The Army Council urges Tony Blair to immediately retract his completely unacceptable statements.

Signed: P. O'Neil

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