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Life on Mars - Planet Jonny
Life on Mars
I know I'm late to this particular party, but I've just started watching Life on Mars and having ploughed through the first six episodes of the first series, I'm hooked.

It's brilliant.

I now have Sweet's "Blockbuster" echoing through my head and a strong desire to run a 1970s cop RPG.

Terrible clothes though. It really supports my theory that when the Provisional IRA launched "the long war" (which peaked in the early 1970s) they chose perhaps the worst period of the 20th century to do it.

I mean, picture a typical IRA man of the Irish War of Independence, of which Michael Collins was the classic example. Neat haircut, smart hat, sharp suit, trench coat. Now that's a classic look. That sort of style never goes out of fashion, and with a look like that, you're going places.

Let's contrast that with the "uniform" of your early-seventies era, Provisional ASU member. Long hair, snorkel parka, flared jeans, flowery shirt, collar that'll poke someone's eyes out, cuban heels.

A look like that? That's starting the fight with one hand tied behind your back.


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From: evilref Date: May 16th, 2007 04:19 pm (UTC) (Link)
Glad you're enjoying it. Life on Mars was one of our major incentives for getting satellite when we moved over here. If you're old enough to actually remember the '70s (or you've enjoyed The Sweeney) it is even more amusing.

I now have Sweet's "Blockbuster" echoing through my head and a strong desire to run a 1970s cop RPG.

You should certainly do that. If you billed it as "The Professionals" RPG you'd get players queueing out the doors, I'm sure.

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