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From Last Night's Roleplaying...

Gene "Strange Gene" Le Strange (General T): I can't believe the Chief Constable didn't invite us to his daughter's wedding. I've known Mandy for ever!

Nathan Warrington (TAFKAC): The Chief Constable's... called Mandy?

Gene "Strange Gene" Le Strange (General T): What? No, his daughter's called Mandy! innumerable other great lines, now sadly lost like tears in the rain. While things were a bit rough - not least of which due to me still getting to grips with both a new system, and a new style of GMing - I'd like to think we had a seriously good laugh. And the guys were great, especially considering that I'd neglected to tell them that they had to wrap it all up in a single session.

Lastly a review, as it might have appeared in the papers:



ITV's new series opened with a bang last night - literally - as cars exploded, and speedboats flew through the air and across manicured lawns (one doesn't have to think too hard to realise where they got that idea from).

But as soon as Michael Caine strolled onto the screen, playing exiled London policeman DS Hopkins, it was clear where the budget had gone, and it certainly wasn't on the script.

I'm afraid that while this opening episode was long on snappy one-liners ("I know he's been here luv, I can smell his aftershave") and tired cliches (do real-life policeman feel the urge to poke their fingers into every vaguely white powder they come across?) it was regrettably short on action, winding down to slow plodding investigation before we'd even made it to the second commercial break.

And whilst ending the first episode on a challenging note, with the bank robbers escaping due to our "heroes" over-cautious approach might, in certain quarters, be hailed as ground-breaking, I prefer to call it as I see it.

Fun, frothy, but ultimately unsatisfying.

Score: ♥♥♥♥♥ 2 out of 5

Next week, I think perhaps a spot of international intrigue.
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