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A Note On My Previous Entry

Thought I ought to explain something that I left unexplained in my previous entry.

The core mechanic of Cop Show is that you first - via the playing of cards - earn action points for doing cliched cop things (e.g. driving your car through a pile of boxes) and for coming up with cliched cop sayings (e.g. "We are the police you stupid bint!"). Then you spend the action points doing cool things, typically to defeat the bad guys.

Given that you start off with no action points, this then forces the game into the classic three-part one hour cop show (as explained in the game's Designer's Notes section).

First, the cop protagonists fail to stop the bad guys doing whatever it is they've done (a bank robbery say) because they have no action points.

Then, they charge around doing cliched cop things (being chewed out by "the chief", leaning on informers, beating up low-life scum etc.), thus earning action points, and hopefully finding out who/where the bad guys are.

Finally, they charge in and nab/stop the bad guys, and this time they succeed because they have the action points.

Once the episode's finished, you work out its "appreciation ratings" based on action points earned and action points spent, the basic gist of which is that you want to have spent more action points than were left unspent.

Why? Well if you earned loads of action points but then didn't get / need to spend them, then it means that the episode contained lots of cop cliches, but not much actual action. And if you get three episodes in a row with negative ratings, the series is cancelled.

In the case of BlockBuster... Well there's still two more episodes to turn things around!
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