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Cooking With Jonny

This week, a delicious lasagna that's just perfect for: a) vegans; b) people having vegans friends to stay; c) people having us coming to stay; and d) people living in a nuclear fallout zone who are trying to reduce their radiation exposure by staying at the bottom of the food chain.

We tried it last night on my other-half's brother and his mate, both of whom are meat eaters), and they not only ate it but claimed to have liked it and appeared fit and well afterwards.

You'll need the following:
12 sheets of lasagna


Olive Oil: quite a bit
Lemon: one
Soya milk: most of a glass that looks vaguely pintish
Yeast flakes Marmite: few knife scrapes
Ketchup: whatever's left in the bottle
Mustard: none
Vegan cheese: half a round block


Onions: several
Soya mince: loads
Bulgar wheat: less than loads, because it swells up
Mushrooms: a few
Passata*: may as well use the bottle
Veggies (various): whatever you've got, subject to taste and who gets the final say on these things

*It's a sort of tomato puree / tomato juice mix in a bottle.
To Make

Chop the onions and fry until not actually burnt. Add the mushrooms, and fry a bit more, then add a little water and your mock mince. Leave to simmer a bit while you do other stuff.

Add the lemon juice to the olive oil, taking care not to put the seeds in, although if you do, leave them in there - you're going to blend it anyway and oil's a bastard for getting everywhere. Blend a fair bit.

Warm the soya milk in the microwave. Add to the blended oil and lemon juice and blend again. Add the marmite (assuming that, like us, you have no idea what yeast flakes are) and the ketchup and any mustard that you have (or not, if, like us, you don't). Slice the cheese and add it to the mix. Blend to buggery and back.

Meanwhile, or before, actually probably before, drain the onion+mushroom+mockmince mix, putting the water onto the bulgar wheat. Leave the bulgar wheat to soak for a few minutes.

The lasagna should be cooked briefly in boiling water, not enough to cook it, but enough to soften and moisten it a bit. Put the sheets in one by one, not all at once in a solid block. Seriously. Trust us on this one.

And obviously, you should have put your other veggies onto boil or steam quite a while ago, probably before you started. Sorry if you didn't realise that.

You now add the filling to a casserole dish, putting layers of filling interspersed with layers of lasagna. You can mix all the filling ingredients (veggies included) into one homogeneous mix or - alternatively, where different parties might have different opinions as to merits of vegetables - you can agree to differ and do separate themed layers. Pour passata over each layer.

Finally, having topped with a layer of lasagna, pour the cheesy sauce over the top and sprinkle with herbs.

Cook in a moderately hot oven until the cheesy sauce is just starting to brown, and then serve.

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