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A Belated Eastercon Report

We had a stall at Orbital 2008 (the name for this year's Eastercon) to sell Game Night. Sales numbers weren't huge, but I wasn't disappointed as I think we were selling as much as anyone else. There were 1300+ people who came though the door, but I don't think they came to buy books. (Why would they? If they wanted to buy an in-print book, then they can just go down their local high street, and if they wanted to buy an out-of-print book, then it's very easy to find anything on-line).

But we did have some very nice feedback, the best of which was from a Discworld fan called Chris, who bought a copy of the book on the first night. What she told me the next day was so nice that it really did make my day, my weekend, and my week - so much so that I've been telling everyone about it since. What she told me, when she came back the next day on the Saturday was this:

"I was awake half the night and it's your fault, because it's brilliant and I couldn't put it down. And I just wanted to come here and tell you."

I do sometimes start to doubt myself. It's responses like the above that convince me that I have got something, and it's not just dreams. It was really nice of Chris to go out of her way to come back to the stall and tell me.

There isn't really much more to say. Neil Gaiman walked past me a few times, but I don't think he noticed me. (At least, I think it was Neil Gaiman. It doesn't help that there were at least three other guys at the con who looked like they were trying damn hard to look like Neil Gaiman). I went to some interesting panels. And saw a good play about Rod Serling, the guy behind the Twilight Zone.

Other than that, it was just four days of sitting around. I did at least have two nice sets of people on the stalls either side of me. On one side were Abaddon Books (the publishing arm of the people who do 2000AD).

And on the other was ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha, he Official Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Appreciation Society. I splashed out on a Beeblebear (a teddy bear with two heads and three arms), a towel, and a t-shirt, and guess how much it came to?

£42! Which I thought was pretty cosmic.

And lastly, some pictures:

Our stall

The guys from Abaddon Books - a.k.a. the guys on the stall next door

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