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Planet Jonny
Tweets Of The Day
  • 06:57 Brighton, after two days of (now halted) strike by binmen. It will be unburried dead next, I'm telling you! twitpic.com/p350m #
  • 07:57 Bugger! Just checked blog comments and some bastard spammer has broken through the CAPTCHA and deposited 16 turds. Nice. #
  • 08:59 twitpic.com/p3c0n - @benjohncock Yeah, I saw the retweet, and I get the new style of display. #
  • 13:32 [blog] Do you have a blog? Then could you host me on my blog tour to launch the Game Night serialisation and ebook? bit.ly/3vvt0h #
  • 17:25 Very cool. :) RT @Bobbie42: this guy, @jonnynexus wrote a book called "Game Night", which was one of the funniest books I have ever read. #
  • 17:39 Bugger. First Capital Connect train drivers are on work to rule and might strike. I may have interesting travel days ahead. #thameslink #
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