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Planet Jonny
Tweets Of The Day
  • 07:09 Congratulations to @mrtonylee for being the recipient of a #neilwebfail, the Twitterverse's highest honour! #
  • 07:12 #neilwebfail = being linked to by that one man denial of service attack @neilhimself (aka Neil Gaiman). :) #
  • 07:14 Forgot to plug the laptop in to charge last night. Oh well, may as well crack open the lid and see how much juice is left... #
  • 07:15 47%! That'll do nicely! #
  • 09:02 "Do yourself a favor and pick up the book. It's a fast read and very funny." Rodney Thompson, WotC R&D #gamenight bit.ly/3H9tFD #
  • 15:07 RT @mdlachlan: Hey hey, I'm going to #Dragonmeet. Doing a panel on the influence of RPGs on fantasy novels. Should be good fun. // As is me! #
  • 16:28 Huh? According to Oracle, Sunday's 1st day of week in the US, but 7th in the UK. Tell that to the 7th Day Adventists! Or God, come to that. #
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