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Tweets Of The Day

  • 07:40 Things I'm thankful for today? Well I probably won't be getting any emails or phone calls from our American head office... :) #
  • 09:04 The Game Night on the Web blog tour continues, with a long interview by writer Steve Darlington: #
  • 22:31 Is it me, or is Dubai starting to look like not much more than a hot version of Iceland? ie An "economic boom" fuelled entirely by debt. #
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  • Tweets Of The Day

    06:16 Jonny's Twitter advent calendar DAY 4: # Automatically shipped by LoudTwitter.

  • Tweets Of The Day

    06:17 Jonny's Twitter advent calendar DAY 3: # 14:02 My work PC is 35 minutes into a hussy fit. Not amused. #Automatically

  • Tweets Of The Day

    06:18 Jonny's virtual Twitter advent calender DAY 2: # 20:56 A brief (and late) Dragonmeet report:…

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