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Tweets Of The Day

  • 13:28 For entertaining blogging and wonderful summaries of each week's Strictly Come Dancing, follow @mpphillips #followfriday #scd #
  • 13:44 Zoe got taken out by the public, Jade's out injured, Ali's hurt her foot, and Ricky's just been arrested. Anton's year? Or Natalie's? #scd #
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  • Life on Mars

    I know I'm late to this particular party, but I've just started watching Life on Mars and having ploughed through the first six episodes of the…

  • Tweets Of The Day

    06:16 Jonny's Twitter advent calendar DAY 4: # Automatically shipped by LoudTwitter.

  • Tweets Of The Day

    06:17 Jonny's Twitter advent calendar DAY 3: # 14:02 My work PC is 35 minutes into a hussy fit. Not amused. #Automatically

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