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From Last Night's Gaming Session...

We'd just finished helping an eccentric wizard fight off an assault on his castle by three blood-thirsty knights and their henchmen1 when he showered us with magical gifts (we each got a book that takes a month to read, but boosts an attribute by one) and said we could stay as long as we liked.

I thought this was a bit strange...

Mark: [After Bog Boy and Bubba had done the standard checks] No, he doesn't register on Detect Evil.

Me: Yeah, but isn't this, like, a bit weird?

Mark: Why?

Me: Well it's a bit Michael Jackson, isn't it? He's given us loads of gifts, said we can stay as long as we like, he lives all on his own--

Mark: He's not on his own. There's his steward--

Me: Who's a servant!

Mark: --and all his guards!

Me: Who are magically animated skeletons!

Mark: So what you're saying is that because he lives on his own... [Looks pointedly at me] ...and he has lots of dead things... [looks pointedly at my Altar of Death] ...he isn't to be trusted?

Me: Yeah alright. Fair point.
1We'd actually gone there as a "scouting party" to help the knights with their attack, having met them in a pub the night before and heard their tale of woe about how an evil wizard had offered them hospitality, but then tricked them and killed their comrade. But after we met the wizard, he seemed like an alright kind of guy, and hell, they were just some geezers we'd met whilst pissed in a pub - so we decided to attack them instead.

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